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Siri 30 Wadah
Siri 30 Wadah
Siri 30 Wadah

Do you have certain problems that you don’t know how to solve? Life isn’t going to the path that you are expecting? You’re trying to love others but you don’t even love yourself? You can’t seem to understand your better half? You can’t survive? We present to you…

Siri 30 Wadah! The first KGS modern Islamic motivational book series, from the beautiful minds of SisYoujae! Siri 30 Wadah is about US who are always losing track of reality, dream, spirituality and what lies ahead. Why 30? Every book in this series will feature #30 important things to set as a REMINDER to readers. With Allah’s will, Siri 30 Wadah will help us to chase what we seem to have missed. From love, relationship, to survival, Siri 30 Wadah will definitely complete your life and hopefully make it even better!

So, are you ready for a new adventure? Let’s go!


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