ELDEN RING Official Art Book Volume I
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Cartoonist/Author KADOKAWA
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*Vol 1 & Vol 2 sold separately. The image may differ from the actual cover, band, etc.

An overwhelming art book collection I for those who explore the land between the gaps and its source! 

Since its release, "ELDEN RING" continues to fascinate players around the world with its overwhelming world view. Its vast and colorful fields, gigantic dungeons that invite you to explore, terrifyingly beautiful enemies, and weapons—all of the carefully selected artworks evoke memories of the interstitial land. Two official art books that fans must see will be released at the same time!

Volume I contains the art used in the opening movie of the main game, concept art of fields and dungeons, and art related to characters and armor.


Click here for the trailer introducing the contents of the ELDEN RING OFFICIAL ART BOOK:


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Printed in Japan
Format: A4 size
Page number: 432
ISBN: 9784047336018


What is “ELDEN RING”?

The world view of this work is set by Mr. Hidetaka Miyazaki, director of From Software, writing the fantasy novel series "A Song of Ice and Fire" and the TV drama "Game of Thrones". : Game of Thrones)” is co-produced by writer George R.R. Martin, who is the executive producer and scriptwriter. In this work, set in a full-fledged dark fantasy world, you can enjoy a variety of RPG experiences, such as the joy of discovering the unknown and the sense of accomplishment in defeating powerful enemies.

Official site URL: https://www.eldenring.jp/index.html
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