X-VENTURE Primal Power III Series 10: Claws of Iron: North American River Otter VS North American Beaver
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Product SKU 9786297563442
Cartoonist/Author Black Ink Team 黑墨工作房
Size (L x W x H) 14 cm x 1 cm x 21 cm
Reward Points 70
Points Needed 1400
Availability 94
  • Otters · Beavers

  • Enabling Acumen Via Comics

  • Quiz Included

  • Over 12 Million X-VENTURE Comics Sold Worldwide

  • Sleek Hunters

  • Ingenious Engineers

  • Merciless Nature

  • Interesting Information

  • Feral Face-Offs

With The Beastmaster On The Prowl, X-Central Is Code Red!


With protests outside X-Central building to a fever pitch demanding the release of 'Nature's Champion', X-Central staff are declared 'Critically Endangered' by Hansie's escape! Taking Dr. Charles hostage, it's all our heroes can do to negotiate his safe release but what are the Beastmaster's demands?! Meanwhile, Tazen and Anna find themselves in the Canadian wilderness, in pursuit of Tazen's lost voice! With tensions rising can our heroes escape the grasp of the CLAWS OF IRON?!

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