X-VENTURE Primal Power III Series 07: Hooves of Iron: Masai Giraffe VS Plains Zebra
Price RM12.00
Product SKU 9789670028484
Cartoonist/Author Black Ink Team 黑墨工作房
Size (L x W x H) 14 cm x 1 cm x 21 cm
Reward Points 60
Points Needed 1200
Availability 91
  • Giraffids · Equids

  • Enabling Acumen Via Comics

  • Quiz Included

  • Lolloping Long-Necks

  • Monochrome Multitude

  • Merciless Nature

  • Interesting Information

  • Feral Face-Offs

Though Bested, The Beastmaster's Vision Lives On!


When pro-animal extremists show up in Africa with their feral agenda, it's up to Jake, Louis, and the Primal Power Patrol to put a stop to it! A deadly dose of deja vu has our heroes asking if this the Beastmaster's beastly legacy? Or is there another?! Why does the strange smoke spark savagery? When Kwame risks himself to aid Tazen, all seems lost, but who is the gifted girl? When the dust settles, what will the world look like in the aftermath of the HOOVES OF IRON?!

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