X-VENTURE Xtreme Xploration Series 42: Destination Deception
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Cartoonist/Author Air Team 氧气工作室
Size (L x W x H) 14 cm x 1 cm x 21 cm
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  • Scientific, Insightful, Entertaining.

  • Science Comics Exploring Natural Mysteries!

What Goes Online With Lives On The Line?!


When a day at the mall goes explosively wrong, it's up to the X-VENTURE Xplorers to come to terms with a captive crisis! With our heroes among they hapless hostages, The Iron Squad issue an ultimatum; their leader's release for the scared shoppers' lives!

When a live-streamed rescue goes ruinously wrong, the threat of advanced tech in the wrong hands spurs true heroes to step forth to save the day! Wrestling to control the narrative, how can safety be ensured, heading towards DESTINATION DECEPTION?

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