Bungo Stray Dogs 16
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Product SKU 9789672381419
Cartoonist/Author Sango HARUKAWA
Size (L x W x H) 14.1 cm x 1.4 cm x 20.4 cm
Reward Points 60
Points Needed 1200
Availability 14

Separated from their comrades, Atsushi and Kyoka visit their former foe, Fitzgerald, in order to use the "Eyes of God" to locate Mushitaro, their own lead.

Meanwhile, Yosano and her fellow fugitives learn the one of them has to transfer to the mafia, according to a deal between Fukuzawa and Mori.

Fitzgerald's agenda, the approaching Hunting Dogs, Yosano's history with Mori –

The past mercilessly looms as the trials of volume 16 unfold!

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